The Joys Of An Ear Massage
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The Joys Of An Ear Massage

I was very fortunate enough to experience an EAR MASSAGE recently. As I was getting it done, the thought of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction characters JULES and VINCENT arguing over whether a foot massage was or wasn’t in the same ballpark as cunninglingus keep playing in my mind. Why, because there was no doubt there was definitely something sensual, erotic and orgasmic about this ear massage, and could very well be in the same ballpark.

It’s one thing to let someone within your comfort zone to give you a shoulder massage and then a foot massage, but there’s a whole new comfort zone test when it comes to having someone playing with the outside and inside of your ear.

So there’s that, and then there’s the scientific way of looking at it, the auricle of the ear (the external, protruding portion), can be viewed as a microsystem representing the entire body. Microsystems are valuable in many disciplines, including neuroanatomy, foot and hand reflexology, face and scalp acupuncture, and iridology.

Most people have heard of foot reflexology, a technique where points on the foot are stimulated to affect other parts of the body. The same is true of the ears, which also contain reflex points to every other part of the body.

So basically goes without saying that there is definitely something in ear massages, I can safely say, just one session will leave you feeling like you have had a major gym work out or, dare I say it, one major sex marathon with the ultimate orgasm with both instances making you relaxed and “floppy”. If you never had an ear massage, I strongly suggest you do it. You will throw away your orgasmatrons because this is the ultimate.

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