Do You Remember Your First Time?

For some guys, it’s something that needs to be sorted out as quickly as possible and most of the time with the first thing that has a hole, a heartbeat and something… preferably warm and moist. For these MEN, it’s with some ‘ugly chick’ that liked you while you saw an opportunity to seize the day and become a MAN. …



When talking about the feelings two people have towards each other, what defines what some call a ‘CONNECTION’ between the two parties? I was told by a female I liked one time that there was no ‘CONNECTION’ between the two of us. I understood what she meant, but after a while thought about it and realised it was a bit …


The Art Of The Fart

We have learned that basically everything with a heart, farts. This includes rich people, politicians, priests and the even the queen. Obviously the best time to fart is when you are alone or better still, on a toilet, at a beach or a concert where no one can work out who dealt the smelly blow. Sometimes deli queues are risky …


In The Pursuit Of Happiness

They say that people need people. They say that if you don’t associate with other human beings you will die. They say that because they tested this theory on rats, mice and other laboratory animals. They say this, but surely, being with the wrong person can be equally deadly. So the adage should be; people need the RIGHT people. I …


Cast of A Chorus 

taken by Paul Kolnik, 2006 ©, Courtesy of Sony Pictures 

Wouldn’t It Be Nice..

You know how it is: you’re sitting at your office desk pushing in the same 10,000 digits you’ve pushed the day before, and the day before that, or you’re working behind a counter serving asshole, unappreciative customers who would rather see you die than acknowledge you as a fellow human being by saying hello or smiling. Perhaps you’re shopping at …


A New Type of Customer Service

Working in customer service allows you to meet some truly amazing people. Because I work in a video shop, unlike being a checkout chick, we not only meet and greet each customer; we are able to actually have a decent chat to them on just about anything, including movies, obviously. You build up a special rapport with them (time and …


Why aren’t there more women bank robbers?

They say that the reason why women don’t violently kill people is because they don’t have that aggressive gene, basically they aren’t the testosterone filled fools like us men, and have a bit more common sense. See, I’m man enough to admit it. But honestly, women, no matter how ugly they are, have one of the greatest assets for the …


How Do You Measure Friendship, Kindness and Importance

“No Act Of Kindness IS Ever Wasted” – Framed Novelty Wisdom Found in Toilets I had been told by a great many that I am a sweet guy, a nice and gentle man. I can say that I like to go out of my way to put a smile on someone’s face and I think a lot more of us …



So you’ve finally been able to get a date, it’s all gravy now right? Wrong. You haven’t even gone on the date and the possible mind field of games is about to present itself to you. Thankfully I haven’t personally experienced what they call a broken date, but it’s up there as a perfect example of a woman’s mind game …



Okay, you’ve got money in your pocket; your pride and confidence are at an all time high. You’ve finally realised living with your parents or by yourself is not as trendy as you first thought. You have decided it is time to find someone, a companion, someone to toast marshmallows with, someone to tell you that your cinderblock book shelf …