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Originally posted: August 21, 2015  

When talking about the feelings two people have towards each other, what defines what some call a ‘CONNECTION’ between the two parties?

I was told by a female I liked one time that there was no ‘CONNECTION’ between the two of us. I understood what she meant, but after a while thought about it and realised it was a bit of crappy and overused brush off line.

So what is this ‘CONNECTION’? Is it something like the soul, which you can’t actually put your finger on, but you know it’s there and when it’s not?

Now, surely, when two people like each other, it means there is a ‘CONNECTION’ there, right? ; Because if there wasn’t, then there wouldn’t be a “CONNECTION“.

Maybe it’s a different kind of ‘CONNECTION’ or perhaps there’s a scale of 1 to 10 of what defines connect-ability when talking about the overall “CONNECTION” thing. So lets say, for arguments sake to find a perfect ‘CONNECTION’ with someone you need a score equal to, or greater than 10.

So, with that in mind, if you like someone then you get a ‘CONNECTION’ score of 3 out of 10; because there can’t be any sort of “CONNECTION” if you don’t even like the person. If you enjoy each other’s company, then surely there’s an added ‘CONNECTION’ there so a score of 2 out of 10 should be granted.

So what else…?

If the person makes you smile, happy when times are tough and is willing to be there for you when shit’s hitting the fan, then that should be rewarded with a 3 / 10 as well. But back to the main question, what defines a ‘CONNECTION’? If you have had sex with the person, did it feel just like sex or was there something more to it? If you felt it was something more, something spiritual, powerful and uplifting than that’s a definite 5/10.

So far we have got to around 13 points out of a possible 10… And we haven’t even gotten all deep and meaningful yet. Does a ‘CONNECTION’ mean that you can see yourself waking up with this person everyday for the rest of your life?

Does a ‘CONNECTION’ represent your life with them, whether you do or do not see yourself going for walks, camping, gardening, or having all-nighters just chatting and enjoying each other’s company?

Does his or her dress sense, hygiene, religious or

political beliefs and previous baggage help determine a ‘CONNECTION’? I personally think it shouldn’t…

Thinking about it, I personally think that when it comes to a ‘CONNECTION” with someone, it’s depends on what you let rule your decision making. If you lead with your head, you may think differently than you would if you ran with your heart. Your head would be filled with what others, society and sometimes common sense tells you to do. Believe me; even common sense can get it wrong.

I believe you should go with what your heart tells you. No matter what the cost.

It seems to me that it’s your heart and not your head that should determine whether the so called ‘CONNECTION’ is there.

Whether it’s invisible or rests in that section of the body that’s right next to your soul, it’s your heart that keeps you alive, and as Roxette says… you should listen to it.  

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