In The Pursuit Of Happiness
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In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Post published:August 21, 2015

  They say that people need people.

They say that if you don’t associate with other human beings you will die.

They say that because they tested this theory on rats, mice and other laboratory animals.

They say this, but surely, being with the wrong person can be equally deadly.

So the adage should be; people need the RIGHT people.

I have a friend who has been constantly unlucky in love. He is still only in his 20s and I can’t help but feel he has developed early signs of depression, due to the fact that he is lonely. It must be frustrating to see his family and friends with partners. I can only hope that everything will work itself out. My friend is a complex person, and he can’t have just any female. He has to wait for MISS RIGHT to show herself. I only hope it’s sooner rather than later. He deserves to be happy. A lot of us would be happy with just a companion; I guess this is why a few people find companionship with a person of the same sex. A life friend, no sex involved, just companionship.

I guess the ultimate pursuit of happiness would be to find the right person to settle down with; a person who won’t so much finish your sentences for you, but someone who will be there for you, support you and equally enjoy your company.

My personal concept of what comprises a true companion is basically a good friend who listens but won’t be afraid to voice their opinion also.

A companion is someone who can be in a room with you and enjoy a moment of just reading books or doing crosswords together without anyone saying a word. Just being together is a beautiful thing.

My idea of companionship is one where you don’t have to say I LOVE YOU every five minutes. Just a look is enough to say I love you, and I thank you for being with me.

In the Pursuit of Happiness, I only hope everyone will find their companion, their soul mate even. I am one who believes the right person will make themselves apparent at the right time.  

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