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Shaman Alternative has been designing websites since 1995.

Out latest sites can be found here:

We can create simple websites both in Html & CMS and even complex eCommerce sites with shopping carts. It is important to have a web presence these days, and even a simple extended business card like website will do you and/or your business, wonders.

We Design them, but you own them.

Based on our own experiences it seems a lot of companies and independent web designers have a habit of holding their clients to ransom when it comes to web design even after they have paid up. A common issue is that although the client has paid for the design of a site, paid all the domain and registration fees associated with said design. Some designers / companies not only register your site under their own name (not yours) but refuse or conveniently don’t give you the passwords and technical information regarding the management of your site. Meaning that you can’t get on your own site and change things.

This can not only be seen as a controlling measure (You will need to use them for any changes which means $$$ no matter how big or small the change) but if you wanted to take your site elsewhere or get someone else to update or change the site, you will also have to go through them to do it, and depending on how nice you are to them , they could make if difficult.
Another issue, god forbid, and it does happen. If the independent web designer dies or skips town, the same issues apply. If they have kept your website under their control and they are no longer with us, trying to get it back from a dead person can be very hard. Usually the client will have to wait until their domain expires and then hope they can get it back again.
That is why when we design your site, regardless on whether we upload it to your hosting etc. We are 100% transparent, and you have access to all and own everything. We only offer a service. You own everything you pay for. Allowing you full control, access and options to do with your site anyway you see fit.
We can do anything you like….
If there is something particular you need on your site. Let us know. Perhaps there is another site you like the look of, once again, let us know and we’ll try and do something similar.


Shaman Alternative is Visual

We are graphic designers first, web designers second. A lot of the web designers out there are the other way around and it shows. A lot of the independent web designers out there are more about layout than wow factor. The designs are usually flat and over crowed. We aim for simple design yet a bit of graphical wow-nest.
Our background is photography and image manipulation and it gives us an edge over some of the other designers. We can create our own imagery and not having to rely on stock images.


But wait there’s more…

If your just starting your business. Don’t forget that Shaman Alternative can be your one stop shop. If you haven’t done so already, we can design the logos that not only can go on your site, but at the same time (at extra costs) create business cards, DLS, flyers and letterheads that you can take to a printer or using an online service such as vistaprint to print them for you. Same time and money and get it all designed at the same time.

The Kickstarter Package

timelessstyles_photographyFor all those needing a simple presence on the web.

A simple package that allows you to have essentially a business card
on the web.

Promotes interaction with your customers via email
correspondence and potential advertising avenues.

A Simple Basic Commercial website only


*from your material sent by email.

This Package includes:
Home page / Front page (Graphic title, one picture placed on the home page if required)

All the text you can supply

Contact Us Page (with email link)

Optimize for search engines

Submit to search engines (Basic (free) submission to Google, Yahoo, and others)

Loading to your web hosting service (Normally $150.00)


Optional Extras:

Additional web pages:
Main Pages (Main Site Pages, Links, Basic Gallerys) $75.00 *
Secondary Pages (Contact Us, About Us ) $50.00 *

Interactive Forms:
Booking forms, feedback forms, application forms, etc.
$100.00 per form / page cost

Professional Image Gallery:
One Album Gallery Page (unlimited images)

Additions and Updates (after completion):

Additional web pages $50
Changes to inside pages $40
Changes to Home page $75
Programming changes $100
Placing graphics, photos @ $5 each
(But we won’t normally charge for minor fixes such as phone numbers and email addresses etc).

These Prices are based on:
All your information and material *being supplied to us electronically by email, CD/DVD disc or Flashdisc, and supplied once only.

What Does This Package Does NOT Include:

Domain Registration / Hosting:

Package deal is only for Web Site Design Only.

We can register your Domain name ( and arrange hosting at an extra cost.
However most ISP’s provide some kind of FREE web space. The downside to this is that your website address will be something to the effect of : Which is not really professional is it…

Domain Name Registration / Hosting Costs:

Registration Year(s)
.com | .net | .org
1 Year
$14.55 | 
2 Years

Hosting Space:
100,000 MB
Premium Bandwidth (/mth):
500Mb Basic / 1,000MB Premium
Email Account:
upto 5

$6.95 Per Month (discounts on yearly rates are available)


DIY Updates:
All Shaman Alternative created websites are specially designed for anyone to update and put their own additions to the site. We promote clients to have a play with their site(s) as a way to save money as well as learn the workings of what they have.
However, If a client’s own modification to their website does not work, becomes unstable or worse still, makes the website unusable / offline. Then we will restore their website, charging an amount commensurate with the time it takes us to correct the client’s mistakes.

Scanning / OCR / conversion:
Your catalogues, pictures, logos, or other hard copy can be scanned and converted to text and graphics. We charge a little extra for scanning, depending on quantity. We accept material in any format on disk or email to save scanning and OCR charge. If you send graphics, music or video in a format that does not run on the internet, we may charge for converting it. This is usually around $15 per hour.

Phone / email consultations are free. Most of our clients find email is good.
We have not found it necessary to attend corporate meetings, but if our attendance is absolutely necessary our costs are high.

Special effects:
We’ll quote to your specification for special effects, interactive pages, music, video, Flash animations, chat rooms, forums, message boards.

While we may correct any obvious errors in text sent to us for a website, the responsibility for proofreading remains with the person sending the text. However, if required, we can arrange for text to be proofread at a small cost.

Where material is supplied to us for publishing on the web, whilst we take every care, obtaining permission to use any copyright material is the responsibility and cost of the website owner. (more detail)

Shaman Alternative links to its clients’ websites and requires a small link back to Our link to you gets you listed by Google etc. very quickly.

Search Engines:
Whilst we offer free optimization for and submission to main search engines and directories, and clients who have taken our advice have achieved high rankings on search engines — Shaman Alternative offers no guarantee of the time between submission and acceptance, or even acceptance at all by any search engine.

Guarantees and Warranties:
We do not guarantee any results from your internet projects, but we will do our very best to help you achieve your objectives on the internet with the material and information you supply. We have an excellent record in getting our clients to the top rankings of search engines with practical easy to use websites. If we make any typographical or system errors we will correct these as soon as they are discovered at our cost. We accept no liability for any consequential loss. If a client edits a website and looses a web page or any information we will replace the original at no charge, any changes made to the website after the original has been supplied will be lost.

Hosting and domain name registration costs are payable to the third party hosting company. Websites can not be uploaded until the inital hosting / domain costs are paid.
Deposit $150 with order.
Balance invoiced on completion and payable 7 days from invoice.
If information for a website is supplied to us in installments, work may be invoiced weekly and payable 7 days from invoice. All prices above are based on these terms. However, where companies require monthly accounts or extended terms we will quote prices to suit.
If any payment is not received in accordance with above terms, Shaman Alternative reserves the right to withhold, withdraw or remove files or programs from a project until payment received.
Deposits are non-refundable but are on account of work performed or to be performed.

Collection fee:
If Shaman Alternative is requested to make a payment (e.g. domain name registration, initial monthly hosting fee) before receiving reimbursement from a client, then an admin fee, being the greater of $15.00 is payable by the client to Shaman Alternative.

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