Subway And Their Subliminal Onions

Subway And Their Subliminal Onions

Have you ever walked into a Subway Restaurant and noticed that their coloured triptych artwork of vegetables on the wall catches your eye, for some unknown reason you are compelled more than you probably thought you would be with the mixed vegetables dripping with wetness, freshness? Why? Why am I so fascinated with three panels of mix vegetables in a Subway Restaurant?

sub_restThe Typical Subway Restaurant

subboobieMaybe this is just a male thing? But on closer inspection I am convinced that the stylized way the featured onions are placed on the three panels are there to provoke something more….motherly. Yes, damm it, I’ll say it. They are breasts people, boobies, titties, mammaries, melons, call them what you like, But there is definitely a nipple and what looks like a dark areola there…and it’s not just one “onion” there’s a few and they all look like boobs.
Don’t believe me, Go and have a look, and no this isn’t some ploy to get you into buying subway food, i’m not on the take. Now I know readers will think I don’t get out much and I’m seeing what I want to see. I ain’t looking at what kids will think are dolphins.

I asked the workers at Subway for their opinion of what they thought about the onions on the wall. Four out of the Five all said they look like boobies.. All three were women and one bloke so…Go figure… If you think there is no way that subliminal elements haven’t been used in the past. What about the old Ice cube used in a coke ad about 10 years ago. I’ll try to find an image of it. But basically in the bottom left hand corner of a poster of ice cold glass of coke, there was this one ice cube which had a stylized image of a pair of lips performing fellatio. Now if its was just our imagination, why did coke pull it off… Okay wrong choice of words… But they removed it from circulation…


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