So you have that great image of the family that you really want to show off. You decided that it would look good as a canvas or even a huge poster print to put on the wall.

But there’s a problem, the image is either too small (you took it on your phone) or it’s just a bit “flat”

The people at the printing place said they can’t edit it, or if they can, they are going to charge you an arm and a leg, you also don’t have a clue about how to do it yourself.

This is where Shaman Alternative can help you.

(taken from google images) for example purposes



VARIATION 1 – A More Photographic Look


Just a quick fix to bring the image up, getting rid of that flat look.

VARIATION 2: – Lets go Arty


Lets push this baby to 11… A little filter here and there, some level adjustments, hell why not add some digital texture flare….

VARIATION 3: – Where’s Dad


We can digitally remove someone from a shot, or even put someone in. This can be tricky but usually were are successful…


Some Real Examples:





digital_fix_example_4Image Extension for Canvas Wrap Around


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