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So I’m doing something different, I’m gonna create this blog page to act as a go-between between past, present and hopefully, future customers to my store. It also acts a backup plan for people to contact me if something ever changes and I keep everyone in the loop.

Nothing major is going to happen on this particular post. It’s just more of a bookmark and starting off point.

Here you will get answers to Frequently asked questions as well as see what new ideas and projects I am working on. See Below..

What I think I will start to write down is Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my goal to have a decent enough online presence that I can re-evaluate my current position.

Big changes are happening, Today I will introduce Drop Shipping to all of my International customers, this SHOULD speed up delivery times drastically from 10-15 business days to most likely under a week.

This should also change the postage costs to half the price and I will be implementing free shipping to the USA for all orders over $35US / $50AU.

Also for all those already subscribe to my Facebook page let me be the first to let you know about the side project that I have been working on for the past few months.

It’s called A NERD PLACE and can be found here

Just An Example Of What is on offer.

The Facebook page for a nerd place can be found here: It’s currently still being worked on so there could be some bugs but I feel confident that it is in a workable condition…

The Facebook page for Shaman Alternative can be found here:

As always if you have any requests or suggestions, please drop me a message.

Watch this space…


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