Another sign of the end of the world

Another sign of the end of the world

The end is near people…

There are things in live that we love as a child and as we get older our peers or society in general frown upon you enjoying. If you rocked up to a playground to play on a swing by yourself you look odd and potentially may come off looking like a sexual predator. We can’t enjoy lollies as much because we have to be conscience as to what it may do to our teeth.

As we get older some things disappear without notice, until one day you wake up and realise they don’t make fag’s lollies, golly wogs aren’t socially acceptable and your can’t get your $2 worth of hit chips wrapped in newspaper.

Recently I read an article about the end of Bubble wrap as we know it. Yes, Bubble wrap. One of the few things that both adults and children get so much pleasure in popping. As a kid it’s about the sound, as an adult it’s still about the sound, but with the added stress relief and pleasure in popping something.

As a sign of the times, the bubble wrap won’t be remove from existence as such but changed in such a horrible way that the joy of the bubble wrap as we know it will be forever gone. Our childhood as we know it, over. They’ve just removed the last slippery dip from our park, the last lollie from our candy store.

The wall street journal reported back in July that the company responsible for inventing the bubble wrap that we all know and love, Sealed Air Corp (back in 1957) has been struggling to keep the business alive since it’s patent expired back in 1981. Their solution is Bubblewrap 2.0 or as they want to call it, iBubble Wrap.

Original isn’t it.

I guess using Apple’s way of thinking with their name may very well mirror their new business strategy.

The kicker is that there’s no inflated bubbles in this new thinner bubble wrap. This is to help the storage issue with inflated wrap taking up so much space for such little amount of product. The non-bubble bubblewrap gets delivered and you pump them up with your own custom-made pump which Sealed Air Corp will sell you for around $5,000US.

They are saying this is what customers wanted, as there is a lot of ebay and etsy sellers out there needing this stuff all the time, and retailers would rather the extra space on their floor for other products…

So if you like your popping, you better stock up now before it disappears.





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