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A customer sees what they want to see.

A customer sees what he or she wants to see,  A wise old boss of mine told me this once,  then went on to explain. A customer will see two bargain bins, Bin number one says all items in box $10. While right next to it Bin number two says all items in bin $5. If the customer sees a $10 …


School Zone Parents Suck

Dear Parent, I know there are a lot of you, but there’s a number of you that I really want to slap in the face, and then some more. I really, truly, don’t give a fuck how busy your life is, I don’t care how important you THINK you are but for once, instead of thinking about what is easier …


There Is Still Hope In This World When :

A slightly mentally disabled person was in the shop that I work and as we finalise the transaction she said, “I have to catch my bus” to which I replied, “Do you attempt that when it’s moving or when it stops” There was a pause. I gave the customer her change, Not thinking about what I really said, Or thinking …


Flop It Out, Lets Get It Over With

  They say, never mixed business with pleasure, and in a few cases this rule does apply. So when you are a softy like me, it’s very hard to be a boss or a manager and throw your weight around and be an actual “boss”. My way of doing things is to be friendly, and it seems to get the …


Subway And Their Subliminal Onions

Have you ever walked into a Subway Restaurant and noticed that their coloured triptych artwork of vegetables on the wall catches your eye, for some unknown reason you are compelled more than you probably thought you would be with the mixed vegetables dripping with wetness, freshness? Why? Why am I so fascinated with three panels of mix vegetables in a …


Interpreted Wisdom Book Concept Art

I was going through my backups looking for some old articles that I wrote and came across some of the original book cover concepts that I was playing with when designing the cover art for my book. Enjoy.    


What Happened To Maitland’s Jocko Graves?

Not too long ago, a man entered the shop where I was working here in Maitland and asked me how he could find the one I knew as Jocko Graves. This middle-aged man told me he had brought his entire family up from Sydney to experience the sites of Morpeth and decided it was also the perfect opportunity to come …


Another sign of the end of the world

The end is near people… There are things in live that we love as a child and as we get older our peers or society in general frown upon you enjoying. If you rocked up to a playground to play on a swing by yourself you look odd and potentially may come off looking like a sexual predator. We can’t enjoy lollies …


Where Do Babies Come From?

We all know that all mothers consider their new born baby as the most beautiful thing in the world. Even if truthfully, it could be the ugliest thing ever to grace the planet with their recent arrival. But most of us will go along with it and say, “Ohhh what a lovely baby.” Sometimes ugly babies grow up to be …


Do You Remember Your First Time?

For some guys, it’s something that needs to be sorted out as quickly as possible and most of the time with the first thing that has a hole, a heartbeat and something… preferably warm and moist. For these MEN, it’s with some ‘ugly chick’ that liked you while you saw an opportunity to seize the day and become a MAN. …